We use environmentally friendly packaging

Avian Aqua Misers are packaged in simple cardboard boxes.We strive to keep our Avian Aqua Miser
business as green as possible.  We’ve chosen to sell our waterers
only over the internet so that we don’t have to fit our products into
shiny packages that end up landfills.  Instead, we use simple
envelopes and cardboard boxes that are easy to recycle (or throw in
your worm bin.)
  We even drive them out of our farm in an
electric golf cart — how much greener can you get?

We hope that our
waterers will also do their part to cut down on Americans’ consumption
of treated drinking water.  Chickens that drink out of traditional
chicken waterers tend to waste a gallon or two of water per day by
spilling, or by filling the reservoir with poop.  With the Avian
Aqua Miser, you only need to put out the water your chickens will
actually drink!

So don’t be surprised
when your waterer arrives in a simple cardboard box or envelope —
just think how much better off our world would be if all products came
without the extra packaging.

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