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Premium winter chicken runWe had some beautiful entries in our 2014 Winter Photo Contest
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Premium winter chicken run by MaryHelen and Dee Landergren.  Dee explained that, despite
21 inches of fluffy snow, their polycarbonate winter run provided plenty
of play space for the flock.

Midwinter dust bath

Mid-winter dust bath by Evelyn.  “Is this what you get when you plant bird seed?”

Chicken eating broomcorn

Growing grain for poultry by Sue Loring.  “You pull up to our farm or
drive by and you will see chickens everywhere…on the deck, on the car,
on the picnic tables, dust bathing in my window boxes, perching on top
of coops, searching for grass seed in the ditches or scratching in our

Group dust baths

Group dust baths by Jennifer.  “Winter is the only time my
small flock takes group dust baths!”

Happy winter chickens

Happy winter chickens by Edith.  “When they heard me a little later coming with their treats the racket
starts and they get very excited.”

Anti-predator cage

Winter’s not so tough for these chickens by Katherine.  In the Southwest, these chickens have more to fear from predators than from cold.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these shots of happy winter chickens!

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