Time to turn the laying hens onto pasture

Rooster on spring pasture

Several quality
permaculturalists have used the term “grass farmer” to refer to people
who focus on the health of the pasture first and foremost. 
Although I do care very much about improving our soil, I have to admit
that I’m not a grass farmer.  If I was, I probably would have
waited another week before moving our chickens in from
and back onto
their rotational pastures.

Hens on pasture

But while Mark was
working the kinks out of our
dog doors
the hens were showing up in the garden every morning.  Meanwhile,
my vegetable
seedlings were getting to the point that the flock was able to make
quite a mess between dawn and 7:30 AM (when I poke my head out the door
make sure no disaster has befallen the garden overnight).

Spring chicken pasture

So I stuffed the
chickens back behind fences, then breathed a big sigh of
relief.  And the weather was kind enough to turn beautiful and
spring-like at long last, so they ended up having plenty to eat. 
turns out that about a week before the lawnmower comes out probably is
the best time to turn the flock onto pasture after all.

(If you want a more
scientific take on rotational chicken pastures, you’ll find much more
than you probably want to know in my ebook
Chicken: Pasture Basics
.  And don’t forget to
add a
POOP-free chicken waterer to your happy chicken

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