Soaking liver to disguise the flavor

Fried liver

previous attempt to hide the taste of liver with bacon
failed, but a friend
pointed me toward the traditional method of soaking liver in
either lemon juice or milk.  I didn’t have any milk on hand,
so chose lemon juice for my first experiment.

Breading liver

I soaked the livers
in lemon juice as they came out of the broilers in the morning,
then cooked the livers up for lunch.  After pouring off the
lemon juice, I rinsed the livers in water, then dredged them in a
mixture of flour, paprika, salt, pepper, and parmesan.  Next,
I slipped the floury liver into an egg, then I dredged in flour
again, and finally I fried the breaded liver in butter until the
center was just barely pink.

Unfortunately, I
could still taste the liver (although much less strongly)…and
the intense lemon flavor was a disconcerting addition. 
Backup lunchI suspect I should have either rinsed
multiple times after pouring off the lemon juice, or even just
soaked in water after the lemon juice.  Or, probably, I
should just try soaking in milk next time. 

Luckily, our chickens
provide easy backup lunches in the form of
when my
cooking experiments fail.  And our dog said the breaded
livers were delicious, no matter what I thought.

Our chicken waterer keeps both the
broilers and the laying flock healthy with clean water on

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