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Mark and I decided
our readers were best-equipped to choose the winner of our
wish I’d known” contest
, and the entries are finally all up on the web for you to
peruse.  To vote, either place a comment on your favorite
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Here’s a sumup of all
the entries to make voting even easier:

Portable chicken coop

wish I’d known chickens were so easy”

I wished I’d known that chickens
were so very easy to keep from the onset.  Coop and run
through a rough, snowy winter.  Portable coop and
electro-net fence in the non-winter months.  Easy
— Kenny

Talking chicken

Chicken TV

The best time to listen is right
before they go to sleep. I think they share their secrets from
day with each other.”
— Jackie

Hen eating a worm


CHICKEN!!!  If I’d known this I
would have gotten chickens sooner.”
— Theresa

Hen at the door“I
wish I’d known how loud chickens are”

“For me, the one thing I
wish I knew was how
loud the hens can be. We live in the city and thought that if we
didn’t have a rooster we would be in the clear for noise.”

— Mason

Chicken tractorChickens
are hard to contain

We encourage our
chickens to free range from late
fall to early spring because they mix up/fertilize the soil and
eat up grubs in our gardens so nicely.  But from spring to
late summer, we really want them to stay in their nice, large
chicken yard.”
— Jane

Segregated chickens“I
wish I’d known grown birds would peck the wee ones”

When it was time to
start raising generation 2,
we figured the maternal instinct would make it easy to let them
adopt the new babies. By the time we realized that the grown
birds would peck to death the wee ones, we had to learn about
— Joe

Homey chicken coopDrainage
around a chicken coop

My run was at the
bottom of a slope where I throw tons of snow from my
driveway.  Well, spring run off and heavy rains gave me
lots of mud and stink.”
— Helen

Chicken run
the old-fashioned chicken coop

I may have made some
of the same mistakes,
but now am recognizing some specific features in chicken
husbanding from my childhood that hadn’t necessarily been
out before.”
— Charity

Chicken in a bird bath

for chicken manure collection

I wish I had known
fabulous chicken poop was for garden fertilizer.  We’d have
designed the coop a bit differently.”
— Robin

Farmboy with rooster

chickens were only in the truck cap during the night, to
them from a long list of predators (opossums, raccoons, 
Eastern Hog Nose snakes, bobcats and coyotes).  Yeah, all
those and it happened to be mites that almost ‘did in’ at
one of our hens.”
— Eva

Calico cochinProtecting
chickens from predators

It was the
only time I have
ever hollered ‘Honey, get your gun!'”
— Carolyn

Mother henProblem-solving
a troubled hatch

The Hen in the other
picture set twice this Spring…..the only
problem is that we hatched out 4 chicks from both settings.

— Edith

Even if you don’t win the contest,
your chickens would appreciate clean water from an Avian Aqua Miser.

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