Quail waterer and business

Automatic quail waterer

“I got
started a year
and a half ago with a stray quail, and it got out of hand from there,”
Steve Blair explained when I asked him about his quail hatchery
business.  Clover Quail Farm, located outside Clover,
South Carolina, sells quail eggs for eating and for hatching, as well
as day old chicks.

Steve emailed me the
photo at the top of the page, showing his two day old quail chicks
drinking out of one of our
homemade chicken
.  He
was very self-affacing when I asked him if I could post about his
business on this blog.  “Sure I would appreciate any promotional
exposure,” he wrote, “However I am just a small backyard farm.”

Those of you who love
your poultry and are looking for a way to get your significant other
off your back about feed costs might consider trying out Steve’s
business model.  A breeding pair of an interesting chicken variety
combined with a broody hen may be all you need to bring in a little
extra “egg money.”

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