Planning for chicken manure collection

Roosters asking for
clean waterRobin
‘s entry
has to do with planning her coop and run to make manure collection
easier.  She wrote:

“We have had chickens for many years
now and there are a bunch of things I wish I had known about
chickens then, that I know now.  I wish I had known how
fabulous chicken poop was for garden fertilizer.  We’d have
designed the coop a bit differently.

“As it is now, we toss all of our yard and garden debris, weeds,
and kitchen scraps into the coop.  The chickens stir it all
up, eat the bugs it draws, poop all over it and it composts
brilliantly.  In the spring and fall we scrape the top
layer off, dig the next 8 inches or so up and dress all the veg
garden beds with that black gold.  It’s made a huge
difference in the quality of the garden.

“If I could redesign the run,
I’d have a couple of different areas for them alternate
between.  It would make aging the compost a bit easier –
the chickens could start the new area while the first area rests
and then it would be good and aged by the time we need it on the

“Best of luck with the new waterer
I’ve attached a pic of a couple of
roosters standing in an empty
birdbath as if demanding we try out your new waterer.”

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