How to store chicken feed

Leaking garbage can lidIf
you live as far as we do from the feed store, you’ll want to buy a
couple of feed sacks at a time.  But how do you keep that chicken
feed dry and mouse-free until your flock’s ready to eat it?

Many people build a
storage compartment into their coops, but I
knew that an extra fifty pounds of weight would be enough to tempt me
to skip moving our chicken tractors a lot of the time.  Instead,
we started out storing our chicken feed in plastic trash cans, which
were easy to move separately from our tractors as we pulled the flock
Metal garbage can for storing chicken feedacross
the yard.  The plastic lids started to spring leaks
after a couple of years, though, so we moved on to plan B —
metal.  I have high hopes that this 31 gallon trash can (big
enough for 100 pounds of feed) will last longer.

Where do you store your
excess feed?  I’d be curious to hear if
you have another solution that’s portable, water-tight, cheap, and

Our homemade chicken
watering your flock easy.

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