How to skin a chicken

How to skin a chickenAfter
our Plymouth Rocks
I set to work dressing the birds. 
We kill so few chickens per year that we pluck by hand rather than
springing for a Whiz-bang Chicken Plucker, and our unskilled fingers
definitely spend more time removing feathers than on any other part of
the dressing

I’ve read that a lot of
small-scale chicken-keepers save time by skinning
their birds rather than plucking but I usually like to
keep the skin on so we can roast our birds to perfection.  Since
our Plymouth Rocks were slated to be ground into sausage, though, I
figured this was a good chance to try my hand at skinning. 
Unfortunately, my first, unskilled attempt took as long as plucking the
bird.  Oops.

I’ve included a drawing
this very
useful article
hopes your first skinning operation will go more smoothly than mine
did.  But don’t fall into the trap of skinning all of your
chickens — honor your birds by eating as much of their body as you

Another way to honor your
meat birds is to treat them to a happy life, complete with a
homemade chicken
dispenses clean water.

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