Homemade heated chicken waterer

Heated chicken bucket watererSick of leaving your flock thirsty on cold winter mornings and breaking ice out of traditional chicken waterers?

Rooster in the snow

Our customers churned up a lot of great ideas last year in response to our photo contest, and my favorite homemade heated chicken waterer is shown here.  Lu Ann and Christian Chicken nipples in heated watererShank designed this waterer together, sandwiching heat tape between two buckets.  The great part about this design is that the outer bucket acts as a lip that protects the nipples, allowing you to set your waterer on the ground as you fill it.  Our kit provides step by step instructions for replicating their success using around $26 of additional parts.


Do you have an even better solution for keeping water flowing in the winter?  Perhaps you’ve designed a waterer that fills with rainwater caught your roof?  Or have you added an entirely different inventive twist to our do it yourself kit?  I hope you’ll email your photos and description to info@avianaquamiser.com so we can share your innovations with the world!


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