Homemade chicken waterer for various sizes

Nipple chicken watererWhat do you do if you want
the simplicity of an
automatic chicken waterer, but you have birds of
several different sizes?  Michael Kenner sent me photos of his
ingenious solution with this description:

“I used a 4′ piece of 2″ PVC pipe with
two ninety degree elbows and a
four foot vertical pipe at each end that is outside the chicken run and
easy to fill. I threaded 5 Aqua Misers into the pipe and added a slope
to it so that there are waterers at 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16” high. The
different heights make it easy for all the birds to drink, no mater how
big they are and a three-foot capped piece of PVC serves as a float to
show us when the water is getting low. The water misers are really
good, have not clogged up, or worse, clogged open. The Water Misers
have really made keeping clean water for the birds a snap with no more
messy watering pans, trays, or “automatic” waterers that clog up with
poop and feathers.

Homemade chicken watererMeanwhile, he threw together a
quick and dirty two gallon jug waterer, mounted on a board with a clamp
for easy re-filling.  Michael’s chickens have more options than
any other birds I know!

I always love seeing our homemade chicken
waterer kits
turned into inventive, unique waterers.  Email
your photos to me at info@avianaquamiser.com
and make my day a little brighter.

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