Comfrey and currants along the pasture fence

Bocking 4 comfrey

What a nice surprise —
Bocking 4 comfrey has beautiful purple flowers!  Now I’m wondering
if my
(family hand-me-down) comfrey
with whitish flowers is
after all,
or if it might be Common comfrey.  It will be interesting
Red currant leafto compare and contrast the
two species, both in the garden and in our chickens’ bellies.

No news on the edibility
front yet, though, since this comfrey is
on the non-chicken side of one of the pasture fences
.  This spring, I also
added a red currant to that mulched strip, which will arch into the
pasture once it’s big enough, just like the comfrey will.
I really like this planting alternative better than the other option
(protecting perennials inside the pasture from chicken damage for the
first year or two so they can get established).

Leghorn pullet

The chickens tell me
they’re waiting with baited breath for the additions to their diet.

A chicken waterer at the far end of this large
pasture helps spread out our flocks’ grazing over the entire area.

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