Chickens from around the world

Flock of chickens from around the worldRobbin
Scott didn’t choose her chickens in the usual manner.  Instead,
she emailed me to say, “We thought it would be fun to have breeds from
around the world this year and then name them according to their
cultures.”  Here’s her round-the-world bird list for those who
might like to follow along at home (along with photos of her 18 month
old son feeding the flock.)

  • Toddler feeding chickensIndian Red
    Jungle Fowl
    — “They are the beautiful small ones and the most
    mischievious,” Robbin wrote, to which I would add that the Red
    Jungle Fowl is the ancestor of the modern chicken
    .  Robbin
    mentioned that they are also green/blue egg layers and are the hardiest
    of her chickens.
  • Chilian Americaunas
    Many of you are probably familiar with this breed since they lay green
    and blue eggs (“the Easter egg chicken.”)
  • English Buff Orpingtons
    — Robbin notes that these are good egg layers but do go broody (a
    plus or minus, depending on your point of view.)
  • Chicken bucket watererAmerican Rhode Island Reds
  • Chinese Cochins
    Robbin mentioned that this variety is the only one not reputed to be
    good to excellent egg layers, but that they are great brooders. 
    We’ve had a similar experience with our White Cochin.
  • Spangled Russian Orloffs

“I have 35 chickens in
all and they go through a
5 gallon bucket
with your water heads
nearly every day!” Robbin concluded. 
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homemade chicken
kits to make
your own chicken waterer.

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