Chicken waterer in degree heat

Chicken yard

EZ MiserMike and Lesley in Washington state wrote in to say, “We are very pleased with your Avian Aqua Misers, both the small and large sizes
It has been over 100 degrees for the last few weeks and the chickens
are all staying hydrated.  We have the small waterer close to their
shade spot so they can stay in the shade during the heat of the day.”

Their flock consists of
5-month-old Rhode Island Reds — fourteen hens and one rooster. 
“The rooster just learned to crow this week,” the duo reported. 
“The fenced yard keeps them safe from the raccoons and skunks that we
have plenty of out here. We trapped three skunks last week, our neighbor
trapped 24 during the month of June.”

Mike and Lesley wrote in to share their photos as part of our EZ Miser photo contest.  You still have over a week to enter, so don’t forget to bring your camera out to the chicken yard and snap some shots!

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