Chick delay

Dark Cornish chicks

Three weeks ago, we
ordered 15
chicks from
Natures Hatchery, to be shipped the next week.  Then waited, and
waited, and waited.  I called the post office — any
chicks?  “Nope,” our nice postmistress said.  “Have you tried
calling the hatchery?”

So I called the
hatchery, got voice mail, left a message.  Waited a few more
days.  Still nothing.  So I emailed the hatchery. 
Nothing.  Called the hatchery again.  Nothing.  By now,
it had been two and a half weeks since I ordered our chicks, and a week
and a half since they were supposed to ship.  I finally gave up,
left the hatchery a message canceling my order, and looked elsewhere.

Unfortunately, everyone
else was ordering their chicks while I sat around trusting Natures
Hatchery to come through.  My new choices were to order all male
Dark Cornish to be shipped soon, or wait over a month to get some
females.  We chose the former route so that our
pasture experiment

can start rolling along, and will order some hens to round out our
flock in the summer if the breed seems to fit the bill.  (Or maybe
we’ll get lucky and there’ll be some mis-sexed birds in our first

Just thought I’d let you
know why we haven’t posted any chick pictures yet — and to warn you
off Natures Hatchery.  By the time you read this, our new chicks
should be in the mail!  Our
brooder and chicken waterers are ready for them.

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