Bucket PVC and nipple chicken waterer

Chicken waterer made out of a five gallon bucket, PVC pipe, and chicken nipplesI
posted a couple of weeks ago about Julie’s ingenious
watering system
allowed her to easily move our nipples up to accomodate growing
chicks.  Well, those chicks are just about grown up now and are
enjoying their adult digs out in a tractor/coop combo.  Julie sent
me some followup pictures of her new watering system.  She wrote:

finally finished the nipple watering system for the chicken tractor (7
nipples for 16 birds) – the bottle is for the shorter birds. We are
leaving the water jugs in the coop until all the birds are tall enough
to reach the nipples
Short chicken steps up to reach a nipple waterer
This one is needs a little lift to reach the nipple… smart bird!

I wanted to share my photos with the internet world because the
projects other people have come up with inspired me so and now I can to
be an inspiration to others and your website will help with that! 
Thanks for posting and it validates all the time I spent preparing for
this venture. I researched for months before I got my chicks and
designed my chicken tractor.  I looked at every design and idea
people had done and what I came up with was the best of the best. 
I am so glad I discovered your nipple watering system
and I am designing a system to go into the coop for the winter as we
get temps here in the high desert as low as 0 to -5 degrees for a few

Nipple-based chicken waterer

Thanks for the photos
and followup information, Julie!  We’ll be waiting with baited
breath to hear how your heated waterer setup works out this winter.

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