Best chicken-killing knife

Chicken-killing knives

(Those of you who are
squeamish might want to move along.  I know that there’s a big
difference between eating meat and being willing to talk about killing
livestock yourself, and this post falls into the latter category.)

Slit chickens throatI’ve had a couple of readers
(and my husband) ponder the best chicken-killing knife, so I was hoping
the internet’s hive mind could come up with an answer.  When the
time comes to slaughter our broilers, we use the technique of hanging
the chicken upside down and quickly slitting both large veins in its
neck, which kills the chicken very quickly and drains the blood out to
produce quality meat.  However, if your knife and technique aren’t
good, you can end up hacking at the chicken’s neck, which is decidedly
unpleasant (even more so for the chicken).

Broiler watererWe don’t have a special
chicken killing knife — I just use our best kitchen knives, sharpened
right before chicken-killing day so they’ll easily slice through
paper.  Being sure to brush the feathers away from the neck before
cutting helps too since feathers are much tougher to cut through than
skin is. 

But I can’t help feeling
there’s a better knife out there.  What kind of knife do you use
when it’s time to put your broilers in the freezer?  Or perhaps
you’re a believer in wringing the neck or chopping off the head?

broilers live a very happy life with lots of clean water before killing

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