Automatic chicken waterer sale

Free daffodils. Click for details.As the holiday season kicks in, many of
you are probably realizing that it’s handy to have an extra automatic chicken waterer or
two on hand so that you can leave home for the weekend without worrying
about your birds.  Or maybe you’d like to share the wonders of
POOP-free water with the chicken lover on your list this holiday season.

There’s no better time to order a chicken waterer than right now! 
From now through December 31, all of our chicken waterers are on sale
for 10% off, with our typical free shipping still in place.  Now
you can water your chickens for as little as 50 cents per bird! 
If you love flowers, why not order three pre-made chicken waterers and
get 5 free daffodil
as our gift to you?

Happy holidays!

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