Dear Anna and Mark: Love your invention! Looks like an answer to (one of!) my prayers! Please find check as payment for 3 DIY kits. Looking forward to chickens ALWAYS having clean water in our upcoming l-o-n-g HOT Florida summer! Thanx! *Featured June/July B.Y.P.Buy it in our store.
I couldn’t believe it – this morning I introduced my hens to the waterer – within an hour or so they were drinking out of it.  All I had to
do was to show the dominant hen how to use it a few times, she taught the rest. Ingenious!!

— Jon

…after a quick install [of the DIY kit] into the bottom of a plastic milk jug, I removed the water that I had in the pen, and hung the Avian Aqua Miser.  Would you believe the 3 week old and the 2 week old chicks took to it
in 5 minutes! No training, I just tapped the end one time and they found it. This is a great

product,and it works for young chicks too!

— Bruce

You guys are geniuses! My shorter hens caught on right away. I’m so sick of water full of hay, the way they do, and tipped over, the way they do. And breaking ice, and on and on. I’m back for another Avian Aqua Miser, with gratitude. I plan to buy one each month, so next winter, my life will be easier!


— Rosemary

I have been raising chickens and other birds for meat, eggs, and fun for years and I understand your frustrations completely in regard to the messy waterers. I never

dreamed of such a clever solution as the aqua miser!! I would love to
try them as we have short, hot summers here in Minnesota and water, as you know, is a worry with birds when the temperatures soar. Since I do have a job away from the farm, albeit only part time during the summers
as I work at a school, I’m not at home as often as I’d like to check on them frequently throughout the day. This sounds like a great solution.

— Rhonda

My hens took to the waterer’s no problem. I really love them they work great. I noticed even the mallards were using them today.

— Karen

I bought 3 kits and my chickens love them. I used 1 gallon jugs and they are working great. As the chickens are growing, we’re raising the waterers on the chains. My coop is much cleaner than when I was a kid and I never have to clean the water of straw/wood shavings/poop.


Had to drop you a line to let you know how much my girls are enjoying their water-mizers. I just knew there had to be a “better way” and you guys have perfected it. Thanks so much for sharing your invention!

— Jackie

This summer when it was so hot I used your idea of ice cubes in the buckets. What a relief not to worry about them getting water, and having it get filthy so faast…


I got the product the other day & so far so good! I love the Aqua Miser! It is wicked smart & exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for a product that does what it claims, simply and easily.


Love the nipple drinkers – they have made my life with chickens much easier!

— Leann

I just got my 3 waterers and they are great. I have been having so much trouble hanging a regular waterer in my small coop. The 16 hens all jump down from the roosts at first light and cause so much of a ruckus that they knock the regular type hanging waterer around until it’s empty and it soaks the bedding in the coop. Yours seems to work well and there is no way for them to spill it or poop in it. Good job! I will have them hanging in
Buy it in our store.strategic places around the property and all should be well.

— Bill

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