Synonyms for chickens

read a few Australian blogs, and always smile when they refer to
chickens as “chooks”.  That got me thinking about all of the names
we have for chickens, like…

  • The obvious hen and rooster with chook and chicken referring to both.
  • Chicks seem to have the
    most pet names — peeps, diddles, diddlies, diddlersdibs, deebers, and biddies.
  • Hens come in next with biddies,
    cacklers, broodies, sitters, layers, and pullets
  • Roosters can be cocks, cockerels, or capons.
  • You can have a flock of
    chickens and a brood, clutch, or chattering of chicks.

I also stumbled across
information that the term “chicken” used to refer only to chicks, with
the whole species being known as “
” or just “fowl.”

Did I miss any fun
chicken terms?  I hope you’ll take a minute and leave a comment
with your own favorite chicken names.

Our chicken waterer keeps diddlies and chooks

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