Ducks love comfrey

Ducks eating comfrey

Chickens seem to take or leave comfrey.  In my experience, the land fowl are usually willing to peck at the high-protein vegetable when they’re about four to six weeks old,
while older birds also enjoy the tender leaves that arise when the
plants are mowed as part of a forest pasture.  Still, I’d never
seen comfrey eaten with such vigor until we tried ducks.

At one month old, our
ducks were in a paddock with a few comfrey plants, and they completely
ignored them.  But two weeks later, in another paddock, the comfrey
plants were demolished down to the ground within days.  It seems
that ducks, like chickens, crave some component of comfrey during that
fast-growing six-week-old period of their lives.  I can’t wait to
see what the ducks will do when turned into one of our forest pastures
with lots of comfrey plants (and other grazing options).  Stay
tuned for another comfrey/duck update soon!

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