chicken photo contest

Chickens drinking from DIY watererThis
year’s photo contest will have several categories and prizes, so you’ll
have an even better chance than usual of winning!  Please read
this entire post to make your entry the most likely to suceed.

Deadline: July 18, 2012

Entry instructions:
Email up to three digital photos to
Your photos should be no more than 4 MB in size, and if they’re large
please send one per email.  In addition, please include a written
description with your photo(s).  If you win, we’ll email you back
ask for your mailing address.

What we’re looking for:
We judge entries based on the factors outlined in the next
section.  You might like to look at the winners of previous
contests to get an idea of what we like:

2012 categories: When you
submit your photo(s), please include a note with each one telling me in
which category you’d like to enter your photo.  Your options are
outlined below:

  • Artistic chickens: The
    winning entry in this category will be a beautiful photo of your
    chicken(s) drinking from either our premade waterer or a waterer you
    made from one of our do it yourself kits.  We’ll be judging the
    entries in this category nearly entirely on artistic merit.
  • Chicks, peacocks, and more:
    Entries in this category will showcase baby birds or birds of species
    other than chickens.  We’ve heard from lots of customers who have
    used our waterer with quail, turkeys, pigeons, and many other birds,
    and we’d like photographic evidence!  We’ll be judging the entries
    in this category based on uniqueness combined with artistic merit.
  • Heated chicken watererIngenious waterers: This
    is the category for the inventors among you.  Our customers have
    turned our do it yourself kits into a vast array of waterers perfectly
    suited to their setting.  We’ve seen bucket waterers fed by
    gutters, heated waterers of all kinds, and many other unique
    options.  The winner in this category will be judged based on
    ingenuity of both the photo and the written description, so spend a few
    minutes polishing your words when you submit your entry.

The first prize winner in each category will receive
their choice of either a 10 pack
DIY kit
or our working
chicken combo pack
(three pre-made waterers).  The second
place winner will receive their choice of either a 3 pack
DIY kit with drill bit
or one pre-made
.  Several other
honorable mention winners will be showcased on our website.

The fine print:
All photos entered in our contest become the property of Anna Hess and
Mark Hamilton.  We don’t care if you use them for other things; we
just want the right to put them up on our website and potentially use
them in our instructions, ebooks, and print books.  By submitting your
photos, you’re agreeing that you won’t receive any further compensation
for the use of your photos and text.

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