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Another happy customer

Chickens drinking from a bucket watererYou have another happy customer here!  I just started raising chickens last November and fortunately I found out about your product before I had my first chicks.  I knew a good product when I saw it and never had to deal with filthy water.  I am also glad to be helping out creative, hard-working entrepreneurs like you. 





Bucket waterer with chickens drinkingI used my 3-pack DIY kit to make one coop waterer and one 5 gallon bucket waterer for the yard, since my flock free-ranges during the day.  I don’t have to teach the chickens what to do.  One figures it out and the rest copy her.






Homemade chicken waterer with float

The coop waterer is made of a one gallon bottled water jug.  I painted it blue to keep out the sun, leaving a clear level-viewing strip.  I floated an orange nerf ball inside to make it easier to see the water level.

The bucket waterer is made from an old pool chlorine bucket.  It has two nipples and is painted for aesthetics.  I bought a plant bracket and used sturdy bolts to mount it on a 2×2 post.  Now I don’t have to worry about their water supply in the hot desert summers.

Thanks for a great product!

— Barbara