Poultry in the garden contest

Naturally Bug-FreeWant
to win a free EZ Miser or combo pack?  I’m looking for accounts of
poultry helping deal with bugs in the garden for use in
my upcoming paperback, The Naturally Bug-Free Garden.  If your photo(s) and account make the cut, I’ll send you either a premade EZ Miser or three premade Avian Aqua Miser Originals (your choice).

Best of all?  You can tell your friends because every entry that’s
good enough will win!  I’m hoping to select one to five winners,
but if there are more good entries, there will be more winners.

What am I really looking for?  Although we all love chickens
(obviously), I’ve got a lot of first-hand data and photos in that
category, so your entry would have to be stellar to make the cut if it’s
about chickens.  I’m more interested in your use of other kinds of
poultry to help out in the garden.  Do you run ducks through your
aisles to eat slugs?  Have you trained geese to weed your
strawberries?  Are guineas your go-to birds for tick control? 
Be sure to show me what
you do on your own homestead.

The fine print: All entries
must reach my inbox (info@avianaquamiser.com) by Friday (May 9) at midnight.  Be
sure to send photos one at a time if they’re larger than 2 MB
can enter as many pictures as you want, but all of your photos (and
your written explanation, preferably 150 to 500 words) will
be merged into one entry.  All photos and text will
become the property of Anna Hess, which means I might share them
with readers via our blogs or ebooks as well as including them in my
upcoming book (although I don’t mind if you continue to use them

Thanks for entering!  I look forward to seeing how your poultry and gardens merge into a symbiotic whole.

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