How to make a weather-proof chicken feeder

Weather proof chicken feeder

Automatic chicken feederPaul Maxwell entered our automatic
chicken feeder contest

with a very cheap and easy homemade feeder that stands up well to rough

Inside automatic feeder

He used a kitty litter
container and an old juice bottle as outer and inner containers,
attaching the two together with a piece of heavy steel wire.  He
found the wire in the barn, bringing his total cost to $0, but
mentioned that you can use a wooden dowel if you don’t have any heavy
wire around.

“It’s been working
flawlessly for years!” Paul wrote. 

I love the simplicity of
Paul’s design, and its scalability to hold more or less feed.  How
about a metal trash can as the outer container with a five gallon
bucket inside?  Or two small containers to fit in the brooder?

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