Aluminum chicken tractor

Pastured chickens

Joe from Around the Farm Table (a PBS show devoted to
promoting creative and sustainable farms) emailed me a couple of
weeks ago to share the waterer he made out of one of our
do it yourself
.  He

Aluminum chicken tractor“This great product could
replace all chicken waterers.  I have a PVC pipe routed to a
hanging waterer with a hole on the top of my moveable pen (blue
bucket on the very far right of the picture).  I simply pour
water in and clean the hanging bucket at the end of the
season.  I have a great system for pasture poultry now –
thank you!”

When I emailed back
to say that I liked his chicken tractor, Joe explained that “the
aluminum structure is a recycled awning from an
old Farmer Store in
Wisconsin.”  Looks like a great use of found materials!

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