Avian Aqua Miser diagram

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The Avian Aqua Miser comes with a handy hanger that makes it easy to suspend your waterer from the top of a chicken tractor or coop.  However, every coop is different, so you may opt to use one of these alternative mounting methods.

Cutting a circle out of plywood as an alternative chicken waterer mount.Our favorite mounting method for chicken tractors consists of cutting a circle out of plywood.  The Avian Aqua Miser’s handle holds the waterer in place above the tractor while the nipple drops down into the
tractor.  This method is extremely sturdy and allows us to refill the waterers without opening the tractor door.

Old garden hoses can be used to make chicken waterer mounts.We use old garden hoses to make side mounts for chicken tractors or coops.  Like the plywood mounting method above, the hose method gives you easy access to the waterer and is extremely sturdy.  The hose mount consists of a loop of hose which the waterer sits in.  We like to add a bumper hose where the
waterer rubs up against the tractor so that the Avian Aqua Miser won’t get scratched.  Notice the empty hose-mount on the right side of the photo.
Bucket waterer for chickens.
Bucket waterers are best suspended from the ceiling of your chicken coop on a heavy chain or hung from a plant hanger like the one shown in the photo to the left.

one of these methods really
float your boat?  Check out related topics in our blog with other mounting options.